Board and Committee Members

Board and Committee Members 2017-05-28T20:59:07+00:00
Holly Adediji Committee Secretary
Neil Archer General Committee/Varley Stage Manager
Solveig Barber General Committee
Paula Baynes Editor/Surveys/Social Media
Linda Briggs Executive Director
Christie Day * Chair
Agustina De Vedia Marketing/PR
Andrea Dellabianca Marketing/PR
Alan Direnfeld Legal Advisor
Elly Fox Graphic Designer
Jack Heath Honorary Chair
Wendy Kadlovski * Sponsorship
Cindy Knowles * Secretary/Treasurer; Silent Auction
Yolla Krob * Sponsorship/McKay Stage Manager
Mark Lemieux * Social Media Chair
Tammy Mang * Sponsorship Chair/Volunteers
Judi McIntyre * Past Chair; Street Performers; UBIA Rep
Marc Mousseau Webmaster
Jane Patterson Artistic Director Assistant
Michael Rijkenberg * Sponsorship/Millennium Stage Manager
Serge Sloimovits * Sponsorship
Sarah Kim Turnbull Artistic Director
David Weglo Vendor Manager

* denotes Director